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enjoy your freedom online

Get free access to global sites and streaming content. Stay private, protect yourself online.

Global content
Access to all social networks, messengers and other entertainment banned in your country.
Friendly app
Only 1 click to start using Free VPN without annoying ads and unnecessary information.
Worried about your anonymity? EVA will hide your real IP. No one can track your information and transfer it to third parties.
EVA has several built-in encryption methods. Say goodbye to hackers and spies.

No more limits for you

You can pay for your VPN access using cryptocurrency. Make an anonymous and secure payment using a receipt or with your Web3 wallet in any available currency.

and more...

Reliable global server network

EVA has hundreds of secure VPN servers around the world, so there is always a high-bandwidth server nearby. No matter where you connect from, EVA will provide a fast VPN connection for the best performance. Try it for free right now!
10Gbit Servers
Up to 5 Devices
Unlimited Bandwidth
access to any content

Mobile app coming soon

As soon as possible EVA will hit app marketplaces on different platforms. But now it works in BETA via Telegram Bot. You can try it right now!

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